Monday, April 7, 2014

Is it wrong for being Pretty & Beautiful as a Boy?

Is it so wrong for being Pretty & Beautiful as a Boy?

Several years ago i questioned that "why Is it wrong, blamed,& shameful for being pretty and beautiful as a boy? Is it our freedom also to wear make up and being beautiful..? Not all boy being born to loved masculinity, sports, and machoistic.. Some of them have the tendencies of being touchy, feminine, and soft.. Its not because of weirdo or something.. Its just how their brain wired up since they were born.. Is it so wrong for boy to wish to become beautiful and pretty?? Why is it so wrong in the eyes of public if a boy loved make up?? Are we supposed to be equal men & women?? Then why i found unequality in our life?? If women were allowed.. Why men can't?? We (men & women) were created as equal as justice.. So it should be our freedom to act without the concern of others.. 

-The public accusation of beautiful boy is a non sense unless the boy being aggressive toward another men!

                Dear Lavender's Writer

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