Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goodbye Forever Dear Lavender.. I'm moving on..

Dear Lavender..  memoirs entry:

All my reason to truly love a woman genuinely has already gone.. maybe forever..the only woman that ever made me fell in love has been taken away forever..and i just barely can accept the reality now eventhough she's been taken over by somebody in holy ceremony since last year.. December.. My eternal obsession..gone.. Yes, We're not meant to be together in this world..

"And there's nothing else i can really do at all.."

If i ever will love a woman genuinely in the future? hmm..i dont think so.. For how long i wouldnt? i dont know.. Since you, after you and in the future, to be honest im just simply faking it 'the love for some woman' for the sake of social normality.. 
just An 'A' or sometimes 'B'

Dear Lavender.. This is My last wishful thinking for you.. May you live happily ever after with your love of your life, the one that you choose.. And no matter what my heart is broken to pieces.. I still pray for the best of your life.. Best of luck And congratulation dear Lavender..

I lay down and buried my true heart for one woman and it's only you..
Goodbye forever Dear Lavender..May you'll be loved and happily ever after with your soulmate.. God bless you.

Remember when i gave you this song "A LETTER TO ELISE by THE CURE" to you a long time ago.. And this also happened to be my last dedicated song to you Lavender..
Deep inside, my love for you will never change forever my Dear Lavender..

I'm Moving on..
Goodbye Forever,
DEAR LAVENDER.. My Memories..

The Cure - A Letter To Elise:

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