Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't Take Someone Else Moodiness Lightly! (Bipolar Info)


Guys, if you know someone whether its your family, friends, spouse, bestfriend, etc with heavy Mood-Swing.. Please please please i beg you guys don't take this lightly.. Coz' they could be a Bipolar person. And those who have Bipolar should be treated and supported very cautiously or you could ended up losing them.. ps:THIS IS SERIOUS

Please always support those person with Bipolar (extreme mood-swing) as they need your cheerish support and happy environment for they to live on..Don't ever joke about their moodiness as because they never lie about their mood condition (its how their brain works and treatment for sure could make their brain more stable and healthy,hence good Neurologist,Psychiatric,&Psychologist could always help them).
Please Please guys don't take Bipolar as a Joke and Lightly,don't you feel shameful to think this case as a joke?? only if you are a sociopath if you ever think this case as a joke coz you have no EMPATHY towards other human being! 

if you knew someone with Bipolar,please support them to live their heavy life.. Or you could ended up losing them forever. 

So please do always support BIPOLAR SUFFERER

PS: The writer is Bipolar sufferer too since writer a child, and now already being treated for better life, this is writer's personal experience.

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