Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Understanding Altruism


Altruism is a type of behavior or act in which a living being whether it is an animal or human sacrifices their own interest for the other,could be of their own kind or other species too. Altruism is basically the opposite of selfishness.For such example is when a group of meerkat were out,one would standing looking out for predators,if the sentinel sees a predator,it gives an alarm cry alerting other meerkats to run&seek shelter.Altruism can be found in human interaction,such as when somebody donating his kidney to unknown others eventhough a person donating the kidney didnt know the recepient well.But in all of that Altruism act in this life theres  a hidden recipocracy to be expected by such individual giving the act,whether they knew or not.While on the other hand the man that donates the kidney,he didnt received any money or whatsoever,but werent he became a hero in the eyes of the society around him?&thats recipocracy.As such,if theres Altruism,there must be Recipocracy!

- Steven Lee

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