Friday, June 13, 2014

Something Wrong in Me (Poem)

.Something wrong in Me.

Me.. Myself..
Speaking about my secret..
I am Super Rich..
I am quite handsome..
I am Stylish & Fashionable..
I am easy-going & Friendly..
It sounds like i am almost perfect right?

Why still i couldn't have a relationship with a Girlfriend or Boyfriend??
Is it because i don't have interpersonal skill?
Is it because i have a low level Empathy?
Is it because so hard for me to understand the emotion of other human?
Is it because some of 'us' inside me are Psychopath??

There's obviously something wrong inside of me..

I'm obviously not a Sociopath coz' i have the need to "show off" something weird or abnormal.. One or more of us is a Psychopath.

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