Saturday, August 27, 2011

Curiosa's Current 10 Songs in My Playlist (August 27, 2011)

Sonny Moore a.k.a. DJ Skrillex

1. Rock N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)[Club Mix] - DJ Skrillex
Taken from: Scary Monster and Nice Sprites
You may know him before as Sonny Moore the phenomenal ex-vocalist of Emo band "From First To Last". Now he is one of the many famous DJ in USA. He brings Dubstep to the mainstream. He work along and collaborating several musical projects with Deadmau5. His single "Rock N Roll" has the heavy driven and element from the Dubstep signature odd pattern, some element of Hard-Electro, and not to mention he still brings lot of element from his hardcore persona. Upbeat, Danceful, Electroish, and Heavy!!. all i can say is.... Bang!!!! and Dance!!!! to the Skrillex!!

Rock N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) - DJ Skrillex 

Jacqueline Govaert & Armin Van Buuren

Taken from: Imagine\

ReviewIn this song, Armin worked together with the vocalist of Dutch Rock band "Krezip", Jacqueline Govaert. This single is really a perfect blend of Pop and Trance. It has a nice Catchy-Pop intro and powerful Trance beat in the middle blended together with amazing keyboard hooks by Benno. Not to mention the deep powerful lyrics of this song. Me personally, I couldn't ever get enough of this song, it makes me feel im in the middle of my trance-like state whenever i listen to this song, so relaxing....  

Never Say Never (Live Version) - Armin Van Buuren 
ft. Jacqueline Govaert & Benno de Goeij 

New Boyz (Ben J. & Legacy)
with Chris Brown

3. Better With The Lights Off (Produced by The Cataracs) - New Boyz ft. Chris Brown
Taken from: Too Cool To Care
Well if you like to "jerkin' " around.. perhaps you should dig this song. I added (period!) Precisely if you called yourself a "Jerker".. you should already know who they are before you called yourself a "Jerker' " back when they released their single "You're a Jerk", dedicated to all of the jerker in the world. This new single here.. has the same powerful Electroish Hip-Hop with "you're a jerk" doubled up the Upbeats and the Catchiness by The Cataracs, in addition of Chris Brown powerful hooks, and most of all.. Legacy's unique rap part wrapping this song up to the perfect Electro-Hop Hits. Thanks to them, The Cataracs totally clever!! ....New Boyz itself already amazing.... 

Better with The Lights Off - New Boyz ft. Chris Brown


4. If It's Love - Train
Taken from: Save Me, San Francisco
Nice Pop Rock song, really energetic and meaningful. It has really significant drumbeats which i couldn't never forget and the simplicity and minimalist of the tone really made me adding up "If it's Love" to my playlist of this month. Well done Train..

if It's Love - Train


5. Bersama Sendiri - Curiosa
Taken from: Bersama Sendiri
it's my own song! :D written in Malay language. enjoy....

The Script
6. Science & Faith - The Script
Taken from: Science & Faith
This Irish-Alternative Trio comeback with another magnificent  single. for the most part, i love the drum line on this song. the whole composition itself is great.

Science & Faith (Live) - The Script

Jonathan Mendelsohn & Dash Berlin

7. Better Half of Me (ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn) - Dash Berlin
Taken from: Better Half of Me EP
As always from this great Trance DJ, thumping bass line, swirling keys, and unforgettable hooks always in his composition. a powerful and beautiful track from dash berlin, one of my favorite DJ in the world. 

Better Half of Me (ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn) - Dash Berlin

ATB & Dash Berlin

8. Apollo Road - ATB with Dash Berlin
Taken from: Distant Earth
What happen if 2 of the world most leading name in Trance music collaborate and produce one time Super Hit song? Then "Apollo Road" is the answer. It Contain the blend of Aggressive Thubthumping Trance style of Dash Berlin and the more softer and dynamic Trance style of ATB. Totally Unforgetable Tunes!!

Apollo Road - ATB with Dash Berlin


9. The Riddle (Demo Instrumental Mix) - DJ Curiosa
Taken from: Eurodance Awakening
Its Me!! LoL!! please do enjoy my own made music, thanks :)

D.J. Curiosa - The Riddle (Instrumental Club Mix Demo Version) | Online Karaoke

Natalie Horler of Cascada

10. Hurricane (Cascada Vocal Remix) - Alex Megane
Taken from: Cascada Remix Single
Originally by my favorite Eurodance DJ, Alex Megane. Remixed by Cascada trio. Perfect.. is all i can say.... Not to mention my favorite thing about this track.... pssst.. its a DJ-friendly track....

Hurricane (Live Cascada version) performed by Kyara (The original singer of "Hurricane")

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