Wednesday, September 17, 2014


To simply put.. Platonic Love is to love somebody without LUST.. Well.. Could YOU be in love and relationship with somebody without Lust???? Maybe even in the state of semi-celibacy?? I guess not.. i doubt that everybody could done that.. Maybe one in a million.. And i believe in that and i prefer Platonic way of Love personally..
Can you imagine starring at the sea with your couple just relaxing, maybe just holding hand slightly?? Starring each other at the edge of the sea for a whole day or night?? Slightly starring eyes to eyes and nose to nose for hours with your couple..Well THAT's the PLATONIC WAY OF LOVE!!
You're in a relationship with his/her SOUL NOT his/her body..That's uninterestingly ordinary.
Body is just a body! not interesting enough, what interesting is the purity of soul and the chemistry of each other relationship..Within the eyes,brain,chemistry&HEART..

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