Thursday, February 10, 2011


Story Title: The Socialites

Tag line: like a dark side of the moon

Log line: 4 socialites, best friend, with their different side of life

- Damien Colburn (main character): Average Joe/Artsy; Background: A Famous DJ, Artsy, Secretly Bi-, broken home ; Social Position and Personality: Total melancholy slightly phlegmatic, closed and discreet, dark, deep, the Mediocre, Perfectionist, Peace, justice, rational and balance is the most important things. Commitment Issues. and always with the flow..

- Eduardo Santiago(Anti Hero): Background: Jock; A slightly famous Celebrity/Model, Sporty, Body Builder and Metrosexual, secretly poor and lots of loan ; 100% Sanguine,The Center of attention, always the icebreaker almost, Money Oriented and Logical, Evil and Lunatics, Energetic, high talk, open.

- Alex Mason: Ladies Man/Preppy ; Rich Kid in the country, always elegant look, Broken Home, secretly having hard social problem/secretly loser ; Choleric and Stubborn, Spoiled, Childish, short minded, hot headed, paranoid and chicken sh*t, commitment issues, snobby, Ladies Man, Social Issues/can't make new friend in his new location, No Social Skill and need friends.

- Henry Wang: Slacker/Nerd ; Minority Ethnic/Race heritage, anak daerah baru masuk kota, have a link/family relation w/ the social life in the town, secretly orang kampung/kuno ; Phlegmatic and Slightly Sanguine

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