Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Curiosa's: Top 11 Hottest & Prettiest Girl of America (April, 2011)

My List about Top 11 Rank of Hottest & Prettiest Girl of America (written in April, 2011)..
it's just my personal opinion, so be cool.... :)

11. Kate Hudson
Still remember 2000's film Almost Famous? A strong flick about life of a Groupies.... well the movie is perfect because she totally nailed it with her amazing act.. not forget to mention that she is a sexy skinny
babez with a good taste of fashion.

Nicole Kidman
She used to be a zuppeeer smokin' hot Ginger Bombshell during her young age.. C'mon! Moulin Rouge, Batman Forever, etc remember.... and her perfect deep expression performance in 2001 Psychological Horror flick The Others, completes it all, love her extremely white skin tone.

9. Lights
Lights (born Valerie Anne Poxleitner), a multi-instrumentalist musician.. Her Electro-Pop music brings the comfortable and relaxing feelings of the listener. Usually I'm not really into "Scene" type of girl, not in the case of Lights, she's the exception, i love her Post-Emo style, make-up, and fashion, super skinny and small stature, n' her sweet lovely face.

8. Bryce Dallas Howard
One sentence about her.. Dark, Enigmatic, and Mysterious.. it's the feeling that appears when i saw her acting. Her ginger hair, clear blue eyes, pale skin,, well it is just perfect.
Oh in case if you don't have any idea who is she.. check out some of these movies.. Lady in the Water, The Village, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Spiderman 3.

7. Katrina Bowden
Fresh and Young Actress in the beginning of her career, maybe some of you still didn't know her, well she plays Cerie in NBC's Nominated Comedy "30 Rocks". Beautiful, Hot, and Appealing!!

6. Isla Fisher
Two words, SUPEER CUTE!!
Check out her amazing Movie, Confession of a Shopaholic.

5. Emmanuelle Chriqui
I am amazed, i am speechless.. she looks ageless when it comes to age. Very Beautiful middle-east face, and in addition is her nice Tan skin, She's the Perfect kind of Girl!!
You can see her act in some of these flicks, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Entourage, etc

4. Jessica Lowndes

Super Hot Smokin' Babez! Beautiful and
all in perfect proportion. She just have small list of acting career until now. 90210, Greek, we're some of the TV series in which she has
prominent role on it.

3. Megan Fox


You Definitely recognize her right?! i don't think i still need to describe her, all of men in the world would know her for sure.

Yes and she is Definitely on the 3rd position of my list.

2. Zoeey Deschanel

Zoeey Claire Deschanel, talented actress and musicia
n. My opinion, she is the most Sweet, lovely Girl in the world. She has the most Beautiful Eyes i have ever seen in the world. I always love
what she's wearing, i think her sense of fashion is just perfect, Love her acting, love her personality, i like everything about her!

She is the 2nd in the position.

Please check her out in some of these movies, The Happening, (500)
Days of Summer, Yes Man, The Assasination of Jesse James, and many more..

And The 1st Rank of my List of 11 Hottest & Prettiest girl of America is............

1. Olga Kurylenko

The Most Hottest and Prettiest girl of America (and also In the World) in my opinion. Born in Ukraine, A model and Actress. Very Dark and Alluring. The woman of the Perfect Shape, i love the Dark, Mysterious, and Enigmatic aura that surrounds her in her acting and posing. She is the most recent Bond's Girl..

in case you never heard of her, check these out, some of her perfect acting.. Hitman, Quantum of Solace, Paris Je t'aime, L'Annulaire, etc

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