Monday, December 27, 2010

What is so effing Special about Fixie Bikes??

have you heard lately about some type of bikes called "Fixed Gear"? or precisely it's known by the name "Fixie" by the wannabe "Cool" young people in Jakarta, Indonesia..

what is so effing Special about this bike? whether it is already became a Spectacular trend? or should i say this "Fixie" phenomenon is just an ordinary happening fads? was this means the downgrade of humanity? Come on Man!! this bike doesn't even have a brake!
and the most stupidest factor about this bike was it's price. In Jakarta nowadays, the wannabe "Cool" young-adults are willing to pay a high amount of money to buy those Fixie bikes. Because Fixie was a customizable-modified it yourself bike, it's component sold separately. Each of it's component were sold with unreasonably high price (for example, the cheapest iron rods for it's body price was around Rp. 1.000.000,- ). The good standard whole setup of this bike was roughly around Rp.,-.

Man!! nowadays, Jakarta doesn't even have a bike track or even a sidewalk , for your info.. Traffic is everywhere with an atmosphere filled with Carbon (CO) caused by the vehicle's polluted fumes. what did you expect from riding a thin-highpriced bike in this city of Jakarta? a coolness? a healthy lung/body? the faster way to travel? a good investment for your growing up life and mind? Hell No!!

for me personally, i am a Fixie-Hater, Fixie is not worth the money to buy nor it is good for the future investment. See fads is always a fads, it comes and go in the short amount of time. maybe today the price of Fixie is 5 millions, but next time when you we're gonna sell it.. it's not worth more than just three hundred thousand rupiah (Rp. 300.000,-).

it's a wise decision not to buy fixie on your young adults years, coz' it's better to think about your future rather than acting back like your young childish age. Respect your parents Indonesians!! Use your parents trusted funds carefully, don't spend it on the useless thing.. like for example : buying a Fixie....

- by Curiosa -

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