Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Short Science Fiction Story: "Pyromaniac"

Writer: B.S. Curiosa

Story Genre: Science Fiction meets Psychological Thriller

Format: Short Story and Screen Play

Story Title: "Pyromaniac"

Pyromaniac tells a story of a young man named Damien McColburn who discovered that his body can produce natural fire, caused by his mutated unique type body cells. This condition is very rare and scarce experienced by humans, history writes that two people who have had the same mutation with Damien is Vulcan (A Mutant of Greek antiquity is now regarded as a god by the people of Greek because of its power in controlling the fire) and Saint Peter Martyr (A prominent Catholic who turned out to be mutant who can control fire, although in the case of Saint Peter Martyr, he can only control fire in small scale and passive due to the "faith" in his church that suppress his power until very small amounts left).

Damien began to grow up and learn to control the fire that resulted from his body and surrounding his body with fire, he learned to manipulate those fire, Damien even could control the fire to dance and shaped it like a shape of some terrible monster. For a few moments in his life he became a superhero disguised in his nation, maintaining peace and eradicate crime. But gradually he found pleasure in killing and burn enemies with fire, Damien increasingly enjoying it, he's getting crazy with the Fire.

Damien desperately abstinence and his will to burn something. Unexpectedly she met a psychologist who is very reliable named Juno M. Kenzie with the hope to cure his mental condition. Juno tells Damien that he suffered mental instability called "Pyromaniac" where someone who experienced that deeply felt love and dependence with fire (perhaps this is why the Saint Peter Martyr letting his "Faith" suppressed and lock his mutant strength up to a very small scale.). Apparently the only way to heal Pyromaniac is to keep Damien far away from all kinds of fire and may not use his special force forever. Damien fought strong and furiously to keep a distance with fire around him and from within his body.

Unexpectedly to him, a criminal mastermind named Virgil de Maro, the mortal enemy of Damien, had kidnapped Juno and tortured her. In the circumstances of urgency, Damien out of control, and for the last time he came back with fire power and letting go all of the natural fire within his body, even with greater fire power than before, he burned down all of Virgil's men, and in his last fight with Virgil, he burned down the castle along with Virgil to the ground and save Juno.

several months later, Damien seen with a stable mental condition, try living the life of a human being properly together with his beloved Juno, away from fire.. far far away from fire......


- written by B.S. Curiosa -

Notes: This is one of my Short Sci-Fi Stories and unfilmed Screen Play, hopefully as times goes on i will get enough fund to film this Story.. i guess i could say.. "Coming Soon to your nearest Theaters.... Someday".

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